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About Captain Sam Downing

About Captain Sam Downing

About Sam

I grew up in western Pennsylvania and was exposed to hunting and fishing as soon as I was old enough to hold a rod and a gun. I remember fishing trips with my dad to the Allegheny River to night fish for suckers and cat fish as a little boy. Then moved on to wading the streams fishing for trout learning the finesse techniques of fly fishing and the patience involved with the sport. As I grew older we ventured to the great lakes in New York and Pennsylvania to fish for salmon and steelhead creating great memories. Then I went into the Air Force and ended up stationed in North Dakota where I was exposed to walleye fishing on Devils Lake. I fell in love with the challenges of catching walleye. Several years later I ended up living in Michigan surrounded by tremendous walleye fishing opportunities.

I purchased my first Lund boat and started investing in gear and learning the different techniques of catching walleye on the Detroit River, Saginaw Bay and Lake Erie. I started getting better at the sport and began to compete in tournaments, continuing to learn the species and the water. Along the way I have made many friends and taken many people fishing, creating memories we still talk about today. This has all brought me to where I am today with a beautiful new charter boat a USCG captains license and a vast knowledge of where and how to catch the toothy walleye and a passion to share it with others and help them create memories like I have with my family and friends. Come and join me on the water for some quality time with family, friends or colleagues and allow me to show you the beautiful great lakes and the quality fishery it is for walleye.

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